Fit Mumma Programs

This entry level program is for Mummas who are not exercising regularly or whose nutrition could do with a reboot. At home workouts are short, simple but effective, with small weekly goals and lots of tips & encouragement to get you moving. Our dietician created nutrition program is all about learning to make healthier choices and best of all its family friendly! And finally each week you will be encouraged to add in some YOU time activities whether they be a stretch session, a walk with friends or some meditation. No matter where you are at, all you have to do is start. And the Fit Mumma community will be right there ready to cheer you on and encourage you along the way 

Join me as I show you my simple and effective program for feeling fit,  healthy and energised in your peri and post menopausal years. As a 50 something myself, I know how confusing and frustrating this time can be, so let me guide you through the latest research and help you focus in on your nutrition.