5 Tips for your First Fitness Competition

So you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for your first fitness competition. Now what? Whether you are part of a team or going solo, there are a few things that you can do to make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.


1. Enter the right division.

Most competitions have divisions separated by standard and or age groups. Before you jump into any of the categories, take a good look at the movement standards and division descriptions. Even if you fancy yourself as advanced, but know you can’t perform the majority of the movements, it will be better for everyone if you choose a more appropriate division. Likewise, if you decide you will enter as a beginner, just to get the win, think about how this will make the other competitors feel. Still not sure which division is right for you, ask your coach for some guidance or contact the event organiser.


2. Plan your food/drinks

Most events will have on site food and drinks, but smart competitors pack their own. Now is not the time to try a new pre-workout product or meal but instead stick to the type of food and drinks you would normally consume around your training. An esky packed with things like cut up fruit, wraps, bars, ice blocks will take the stress out of finding something to eat and allow you to re-fuel quickly between events. Once the competition is over then you can go and sample all of the goodies in the food trucks.



3. Print out your timetable

Print a copy of your timetable and highlight your briefing, marshalling times and other important information. Keep an ear out for changes during the day and update your schedule if need be. Many competitions now run with the motto – no show = no go. Don’t be that guy! Keep your timetable on hand and turn up early for your heats.


4. Pack Your Bags

Events are often held at venues that do not have a shop close by, and even if it does you can never guarantee that you will have access to the bits and pieces that you may need on the day. Have a think about what you or your team-mates could need in various scenarios. Pants rip mid workout, no problem you packed a spare. Killer headache from being in the sun all day? Lucky you have your panadols. Strapping tape, a pen, breath mints, bandaids, pain killers, ice pack, phone charger, massage gun, spare clothes and even shoes are all super handy items. You may never need any of them but if you do you will be very glad you remembered.


5. Have Fun

The majority of fitness events are a chance for everyday athletes to throw down, challenge themselves and have a bit of fun. If you treat the event like it’s the CrossFit games, yell at your judge or generally be a dick, you and everyone around you, are not going to enjoy the experience. Remember why you entered in the first place, go hard, clap your competitors and be proud of your achievements no matter where you place.